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I am the UK valuations expert that banks and insurance companies rely upon for independent opinion and guidance. My private clients come through repeat business or personal referral. I do not advertise my services.

I am not the cheapest, but charge a modest price for the value delivered. As Bob Burg said: "When you sell on price, you are a commodity. When you sell on value, you are a resource." My reports are for those who appreciate the difference.

My insurer-recommended valuation reports are the industry benchmark. Valid for two years, each valuation report is completed personally by me, relying on over 30 years of professional valuation experience. My reports are not compiled automatically and values are not average for the model. Every bespoke valuation report includes:

  • My latest market insights overview
  • Model-specific history and points of note
  • Details of the subject vehicle and provenance
  • A look at market activity and prices in context
  • A considered valuation based on your car's unique features and market appeal

Completed valuations are returned within three working days (Mon-Fri) of receipt of payment and all photos required.

Note that I can provide many other types of valuations and consultancy/advisory services subject to an individual quotation. While this site is BMW-specific, I value all marques of classic cars and motorcycles through my other websites (see links below).

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Agreed Insurance Valuation conditions

By submitting this form and using my agreed insurance valuation service, you agree that:

  • The car is not currently subject to an insurance claim
  • No civil or divorce proceedings are intended or pending
  • All representations of condition will be full and complete
  • No relevant information will be omitted

My signed valuation will be emailed to you as a PDF document.  Forward a copy to your insurer, with another copy retained in the vehicle history file.  Most insurers do not require an in-house form when a signed expert valuation on letterhead is submitted.

All submissions are treated in strict confidence. See my privacy policy.

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